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Herbst Photo Page

Herbst Clan in Gottschee Austria
Back Row: Maria Herbst - Johann Herbst - Pauline Herbst
Middle Row: Berta Herbst - Maria Blatnik - Agnes Melz - Josepha Herbst
Front Row: Albina Herbst

Maria Blatnik and Johann Herbst
Taken at Setsch, Gottschee, Austria House #23

John Herbst Sr. cutting grain
On the Wind River at the Herbst Homestead 3 miles North and West of Shoshoni, WY

My two Grandfathers Johann "John" Herbst Sr. and Camille Marius Mazet
At our family home 5 miles south and west of Shoshoni, WY

Maria Melz and her grandson Frank William Herbst
Picture taken at Bill & Lois Herbst home

At Bill and Lois Herbst Ranch Home
Maria Melz - William Frank Herbst - Lois Genevieve Brown
Help Lois! ?Linda Herbst - Left and ?Karen Herbst - Right

Lorraine Mary Madeleine Mazet-Herbst holding
Left - Donna Marie Herbst and Right - John Herbst III(me)
Picture Taken at the Queen Sabe Ranch North and East of Shoshoni, WY

William Taylor Burton - Charles William Herbst - Doris Marie Herbst - John Herbst Sr.(background)
Taken at Herbst Family Homestead near Shoshoni, WY

William Taylor Burton on far right
Other family members unknown

My Parents
Lorraine Mary Madeleine Mazet and John Herbst Jr.

Copper Mountain Photo Page
Various Photo's of Birdseye Pass and the Copper Mountains

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